Lisa teaches riders of all levels, most ages (at least 5 years old), in any saddle, aboard any breed of horse. And she'll come right to you - your home or wherever you keep your horse. Private, one hour lessons are standard fare, but her lesson menus include group rates if such a situation can be arranged at your location.

Lisa stresses clear communication, partnership, empathy, leadership, and effective position in her lessons. She utilizes humor, common sense and exercises that stick, assisting students in getting the most benefit out of every ride. Lisa relates, I teach riding because I truly enjoy riding. The horses do most of the work - my job is to help riding students understand how to get inside the horse's head. I want to tell, to show, and to demonstrate to students everything I can to help them to enjoy riding as much as I do. My objective is to give my students all the satisfaction and joy I have gotten out of riding.

Packages and gift certificates are available. Please inquire for details and rates.

Make up your mind to learn something from somebody every day.

Alvin Ruxer