Lisa helped me improve my riding skills significantly through her equitation perspective. She also helped my horse get comfortable with her ever-evolving job through skill, patience and perseverance. Lisa does a wonderful job with young beginners. She also has the ability to work with the older students and their numerous bad habits. My situation was unique, and I am very grateful to Lisa for taking the chance and working with us.

Betsy Pankey, Franktown, CO

Lisa Tomlin is an exceptionally talented instructor. Her many years of equine and teaching experience combined with her unique ability to effectively teach a wide range of horse/rider combinations at any level contribute to the many qualities that clearly make her stand above the rest!

Jenny Rukavina, owner of Acadia Equine Rehabilitation, Elizabeth, CO

I am a horse trainer and my 9 year old daughter has been taking riding lessons at another facility off and on for the last 4 years. I felt she was ready to learn about riding show horses and wanted someone to teach her here at the farm where I work. I heard about Lisa, and set up a trial lesson. I was so impressed with her ability to teach basic horsemanship in a manner that my daughter totally connected with that I signed her up for a series of lessons. Lisa makes it fun, yet challenges my daughter. Lisa is a beautiful rider and competitor, and I feel she will be able to take my daughter to the top levels of showing horses while having a good time doing it!

Kelly Elm, trainer, AYM Arroyo Arabians, Santa Ynez, CA

I have known Lisa for almost 10 years and she was a riding instructor to me and my children off and on for about 5 of those years. We have had numerous trainers and riding instructors in our lifetimes and Lisa is among the finest. What stands out about Lisa is her tenacity for doing things right. She is astute at matching a rider with a horse of suitable talent and capabilities. Her lessons are conducted in a manner that emphasizes safety, discipline, and fairness to both horse and rider. She is greatly missed in our area, as she is a wonderful trainer and an even better friend.

Helen Alfaro, Kansas City, MO